In the premiere episode of “All That You Lead,” we spotlight Ludovica (Ludo) Soleri, a leader in digital marketing and strategic partnerships. From Milan to Vancouver, Ludo leverages her experience with a portfolio of clients including Railtown, demonstrating her expertise in digital marketing, content strategy, and email communications. Her path from studying International Law in Italy to shaping Vancouver’s marketing sector showcases her adaptability and ambition.

The episode examines the evolving concept of leadership, discussing how Ludo’s pursuits outside of work – including hobbies and interests – inform her innovative approach to marketing. We also explore love, mental health, and creativity (🌳), providing a comprehensive view of what drives her success.

Tune into “All That You Lead” for an insightful conversation with Ludo, exploring the blend of professional achievements and personal dedication that defines effective leadership.

Hosted by Mark Huvenaars of Railtown Media Inc. Railtown is a sponsor of the All That You Lead podcast.